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Nutrition Unlocked - Healthy Aging Pt. 1: Why We Age

Nutrition Unlocked
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Our host for this Healthy Aging series, Rick Jentis, speaks to Dr. Anurag Singh, Chief Medical Officer of Amazentis about the big question of ‘why we age’ and how our nutrition plays a role in this. Their discussion will help us better understand how mitochondria plays a role in how we age, how addressing cellular changes in our bodies could be key to combatting loss of mobility, and other causes of our aging. Dr. Singh also talks about the advances currently taking place in cellular health and highlights big breakthroughs that address how to live a healthier life into our older years.

This podcast is hosted by Nestlé Health Science. This podcast represents the opinions of host Rick and his guest on the show and does not reflect the opinion of Nestlé Health Science. The content is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional for any medical questions.

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